Friday, 31 October 2008

Web 2.0 desktop - continued

In my previous posting I have indicated the necessity to develop a Web 2.0 desktop. Whilst doing this, I discovered that there are various activities taking place in this direction. To name a few: eyeOS, gOS and Mozilla Firefox Ubiquity.
eyeOs offers a desktop for social computing. You can install various social computing applications like YouTube, LinkedIn and others on your desktop and access them easy. gOS is similar.
Ubiquity is yet different. It provides a command line interface in your browser with a number of predefined commands. These commands are related to the sites that you would like to access, e.g. your Google Mail, Wikipedia and eBay. Still, it is also possible to add other commands yourselves.
I use scribefire to maintain this blog. It runs as a plug in for Firefox and is probably easier to use than the command line interface. Let us see in which directions these developments move. To be continued.

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